Curriculum and Features

  Department of Western Languages and Literature provides a fully English-taught curriculum and an international learning environment to cultivate foreign language professionals.

  Basic teaching uses small classes, intensive, coherent, and integrated training. Through the courses of literary culture and linguistics, students in the department will strengthen their understanding of professional fields such as English and American literary culture appreciation, linguistic analysis and application, and practical English and foreign languages. Advanced teaching focuses on professional development, and we offers practical elective courses in translation, information business management, English language teaching, and second foreign language, etc. to enhance the competitiveness of our graduates in the academic and industrial fields.

  The department’s society and the alumni associations are very active. Every year, a variety of activities are held regularly, such as: orientation camps, book clubs, and Spanish language week activities, etc., which are combined with the department’s traditional graduation performances, symposiums and home visits for alumni. The mother's family is used to maintain the connection between graduate department friends and current students' career exchanges. Undergraduate students of this department can also pass the five-year consistent master's degree mechanism, and obtain the credit credit after the master's class of this department, and successfully obtain a double master's degree.