Administrative Assistant


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  1. Course arrangement, credit transfer, course registration, auxiliary department, transfer department, double major, etc.
  2. Handle the selection of excellent teachers and excellent tutors in the department.
  3. Handle departmental affairs meetings, departmental teaching evaluation meetings, departmental curriculum committees, departmental affairs development committees, group meetings of course coordinators, humanities and business management program meetings, etc.
  4. Handle the evaluation of "Awards for Outstanding Academic Teaching Units in International Exchange and Cooperation (國際交流合作績優學術教學單位獎勵)" and "Awards for Outstanding Academic Teaching Units in Academic Research and Industry-University Cooperation (學術研究與產學合作績優學術教學單位獎勵)."
  5. Handle transfer exam, recommended qualifying examination.
  6. Compilation work report.
  7. Write the DOWELL e-newsletter.
  8. Integrate the data of "Total Enrollment Quota Control of the Ministry of Education System (教育部系統招生名額總量管制)."
  9. Review the graduation qualification review form and school leaving formalities.
  10. Handle matters related to teacher evaluation.
  11. Compilation of "University Students Participation in Research Cases (大學生參與研究案)" data.
  12. Assist in the application of work permits for foreign teachers.
  13. Assist part-time teachers to participate in labor insurance and contribute to labor pension matters.
  14. Maintain the department website information.
  15. Handle voting tasks for committee members.
  16. Various procurement-related businesses.
  17. Various expenses reimbursement matters.
  18. Part-time worker management matters.
  19. Service class arrangements.
  20. Maintenance and handling of equipment failure.
  21. Handling student affairs of the department, financial planning of plotter equipment, student symposiums and departmental friend symposiums.
  22. Handling student production-study cooperation and off-campus internships.
  23. Property management and borrowing matters.
  24. Maintenance and management of multimedia classrooms.
  25. Tutors and students allocation coordination affairs.
  26. Handle teaching assistant applications and manage related affairs.
  27. Handle recommended purchases of books, periodicals, and audio-visual materials.
  28. Handle matters related to student rewards and punishments.
  29. Handling matters related to the grade of student behavior.
  30. Handle teaching-related activities such as scholar speeches and English competitions.
  31. Send and receive management letters, e-mail, and official documents, etc.
  32. Other temporary assignments.
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